Bioseet Launch Press Release 25 May 2020

Access to the dynamic biosimilar market just got a whole lot easier today with the launch of bioseet. This innovative technology company is leading the way to create a more transparent biosimilar market that will transform business development strategy for the pharmaceutical industry.

The last few months of the pandemic have proved that both large and small companies need to be adaptable and agile. Shifting business development strategy from reactive to proactive will fortify healthcare companies from outside shocks. Bioseet overcomes these current global limitations by giving healthcare leaders a quick and easy overview of the market.

The bioseet digital market place enables biosimilar players to initiate deals by listing own available assets and actual demands online. Companies search, evaluate and exchange together within teams, all de-identified to protect strategic information.

This is groundbreaking for the pharmaceutical industry. Never before have players had widespread access to confidential up and coming assets. Bioseet Founder Olaf Ucksche said “Our mission is simple – to bring greater market transparency to the biosimilar industry and to streamline business development processes by creating a highly efficient online team environment.”

Players solely looking for exposure can utilise free access to the bioseet platform. This evens the playing field by giving smaller asset holders the opportunity to get recognized in the highly competitive biosimilar market by breaking down geographical and logistical barriers across the industry.

A key pillar of the bioseet platform is the team-based approach. Entire teams within one company can internally prioritize assets together. This incredibly powerful function will simplify relationship management across an organization from top down. Engaging cross-functional experts early on will streamline internal due diligence processes. This will be a game changer for team culture and efficiency across pharma organisations.

To find out how to register now and be part of the innovative bioseet platform, head to