Search for asset offerings and demands from relevant biosimilar players

Check out asset profile data including project status but excluding company's name

Understand your partner's capabilities and aspired deal structure


Invite your team and cross-functional experts to assess interesting opportunities

Identify key questions and road blocks early on in the evaluation process

Create alignment on priorities with key internal stakeholders


Communicate incognito with the asset owner in a safe and secure chat room

Investigate further asset details and deal parameters to finalize pre-assessment

Exchange contact data mutually when there is the right level of confidence

Quick guide through the functionalities


Search your next biosimilars BD&L deal

  • Find biosimilar assets sorted by available asset offerings and genuine upstream or downstream demands for partnering
  • Create asset search lists for substances (INN) or disease areas including data like health authority submission dates, manufacturing capacity, etc.
  • Receive daily updates on your asset search lists via notifications and be the first to respond to newly posted opportunities

Evaluate opportunities with cross-functional team

  • Use bioseet platform asset notifications to raise your team´s attention on high value BD&L opportunities
  • Vote and comment directly on assets and leverage traffic light information to speed up the assessment process
  • Setup your asset related project team and drive detailed and confidential asset evaluation in a secluded chat room

Exchange information with external partner to validate the asset opportunity

  • Create asset projects for external partner exchanges and use project lists to keep an overview on project status
  • Leverage a safe and secure chat room for anonymous external partner exchange to validate all asset and partner information
  • Use mutual opt-in mechanism for identity disclosure and exchange contact information to pursue further dealmaking process offline