In life there are moments of great joy, but finding out that someone else just closed a great deal for a biosimilar isn’t one of them.

Especially when you realize that you’ve never considered the biosimilar in question, or, worse, never even heard of it. It is seemingly impossible to stay on top of opportunities in a fragmented and highly dynamic biosimilar market. Reading in the press that another company has closed a deal that hasn’t passed your desk is disappointing, yet not unusal.

This is all too common in today’s biosimilar market. Searches for assets often start with companies contacting each other with limited idea of what they have to offer. Partnering conferences is a perfect example. This limited transpancy is understandable given most companies don’t want to disclose their pipeline. However, this makes it more difficult to stay on top in this highly dynamic market. The challenge is to see and evaluate all the deals that may come to your management’s attention, and to close deals ahead of the competition.

One solution is to focus external searches on assets, instead of partners, and make sure all obvious sources have been screened.

Fortunately, we have the perfect solution for those who want to stay on top: bioseet, a virtual biosimilar marketplace where companies can list both available assets, and actual demands

Bioseet is here to provide more options enabling better deals and reducing the risk of unwelcome surprises.

On the bioseet platform you can easily search for available assets, potential partners, and post requests. Once you’ve found what you’re looking for you can begin an anonymous and exploratory conversation. For example, to discuss deal structure and execution. When you’re ready, you can both choose to disclose your identity to your potential partner. Likewise offers and demands can be posted without having to disclose your identity from the start.

Bioseet allows you to stay on top of the biosimilar market with better and more frequent deals. Join bioseet and never miss out on a deal again.