Biosimilar portfolio

The portfolio gap is a common problem that requires a fast solution.

Unfortunately is also the problem you can least talk about in public. This is why some companies do not disclose their full pipeline.

The challenge is to broadly screen options without disclosing your identity too early.

Digital solutions allow you to explore your options freely, and disclose who you are when the deal is right.

The Portfolio Gap: An Elegant Solution

Even in the best of companies, it strikes: the dreaded Portfolio Gap. Not only is this a common problem that urgently needs a solution, it’s also the one that you can least talk about. Closing a portfolio gap is a difficult balancing act: you have to search for potential opportunities and external partners, but do so in a way that doesn’t undermine your ability to negotiate, or make potential investors afraid.

What if you could freely search for what you need, without the risk of disclosing your identity right away?

Bioseet is the digital biosimilar marketplace where you can search, review and converse with potential partners, all whilst ‘undercover’. Identities are only revealed once potential partners decide an opportunity is attractive – and then, only when they are both ready.

Join bioseet today, the elegant way of closing your portfolio gap.