biosimilar business development

How do you know that a deal is good or bad? What is the right balance between exclusivity in order to maintain confidentiality, and making sure expert opinions can be heard?

Complicating this is that there is limited capacity for your experts to be involved in all decision-making, as well as potential for this to be seen as favouritism, or as being abused for a power-play.

One solution is to leverage digital options to more efficiently and effectively screen new deals and keep mediocre options ‘warm’, so that teams can quickly go deep on hot topics.

Bioseet is a digital solution that enables greater efficiency, and the ability to be more inclusive whilst maintaining confidentiality.

How To Empower Your Team In Business Development

Expert opinions are essential in making good, and avoiding bad, biosimilar BD decisions. The assessment by functional experts is indispensable as they pick-up on essential data-points for negotiation and decision-making.

We all know that the earlier functional experts are involved in the discussion, the faster a team is able to form opinions on the value of potential deals, what it will take to realize them, and ‘go-deep’ on hot topics.

Unfortunately, it can be hard to include functional experts early on. They may be stretched across multiple projects, making coordination and communication difficult. This, and the need for confidentiality and to control the flow of information can create (rightly or wrongly) the sense of being excluded from pivotal conversations. And everyone knows how toxic to team empowerment the feeling of being excluded can be.

Bioseet enables internal and external stakeholders to exchange in a easy, efficient and highly coordinated way, all while maintaining confidentiality.

Get the benefits of expert assessment early on and empower your team. Join bioseet today.