Biosimilar Bias

Complimentary portfolios are fundamental to creating win/win opportunities, yet expanding across continents and cultures seems excessively difficult.

Are we overly cautious and feeling that expansion across continents is risky and will be unbalanced against local players?

Let’s take a step by step approach and focus on the asset first, and the potential partner second. An initial contact on a specific asset vs company profile starts on an even-footing, minimizing unconscious bias.

Unconscious bias is rooted in past experiences, but influences us in the present, and can secretly affect our behavior, attitude and expectations. In the highly dynamic biosimilar market, unconscious bias can easily get in our way.

At bioseet, we help BD teams avoid unconscious bias by providing them with a neutral starting point. A virtual biosimilar marketplace, bioseet is structured around assets and demands, and not on companies. In fact, companies’ identities are kept secret until potential partners have reached the point in their discussion where they decide they both want to reveal their identities. This allows teams to focus on the asset first, and find the best solution for their need.

Don’t let unconscious bias ruin your opportunities, join bioseet today.