BIOSEET LAUNCH: registration to bioseet – the virtual market place for biosimilar deals – is now open!

The last few months of the pandemic have proved that both large and small companies need to be adaptable and agile. Shifting your BD&L strategy from reactive to proactive will fortify your company from outside shocks.

Bioseet overcomes current global limitations by giving you a quick and easy market overview. Our digital market place enables biosimilar players to initiate deals by listing available assets and actual demands online.

You can search, evaluate and exchange together with your team, all de-identified to protect strategic information.

If you are a biosimilar player primarily looking for exposure, then you are in luck. Free access to our online platform gives you an opportunity to get recognized in the highly competitive biosimilar market.

Most importantly, our team based approach – entire teams within one company can internally prioritize assets together – will simplify relationship management across your organization from top down and streamline your due diligence process by engaging cross-functional experts early on. This will be a game changer for team culture and efficiency in your organization.

Go to and register now.